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Tribute bands

ACDC Rocks

ACDC Rocks

Based out of Toronto, Canada, ACDC Rocks plays songs from both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras, ACDC Rocks gives you the most authentic AC/DC experience possible!

From the sound, the look and the show, ACDC Rocks recreates the performance of the biggest rock band in the world. From the wall of Marshall stacks, the heat of the vintage tube amps, unmistakable tone of Angus Young’s Gibson SG and his brother Malcolm’s Gretsch along with classic Ampeg Bass and Sonor drums, ACDC Rocks will not disappoint.



CRUED is the World’s # 1 Motley Crue tribute band. Based in Toronto Canada this top flight tribute is tried, tested & true, they draw where ever they go!

CRUED brings the look & sound of Motley Crue with replica costumes, make-up & backdrops. Putting on 7 different costume based looks spanning over 30 years of Motley Crue & bringing a video display that is a history lesson on the world’s most notorious rock band.


The Crazy Diamonds

The Crazy Diamonds are Canada’s premier tribute to Pink Floyd. Drawing from Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, Meddle, and many more, the Diamonds perform a selection of classic songs and full albums while preserving the energetic, groovy improvisations that made Floyd’s live concerts legendary. This immersive show is a must-see concert experience.

Top 40 bands and Classic

Michael Billik

Michael Billik has been a professional musician writing, recording, and performing live for over 25 years. In the winter of 2011 Michael formed the band “BILLIK” with Gus Augustus on Drums and Morley Fernandes on Bass (AKA Dr. Funk). The band’s shows are filled with high energy and passion. The group covers everything from Pop Rock, R&B, and Funk. The band has played well over 600 shows and continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Tone Dogs

The Tonedogs will shuffle their way into your soul right from the opening chord. The band is dedicated to the authenticity of its sound. What makes them different is the clean vintage sound they grind out of gear that is older than most people who come out to see them. Even the bartenders and bouncers smile as if they have stumbled onto the hippest gig on the planet!